Herbal Breath Tonic – 100% Certified Organic Herbs


If you were going to ingest something several times a day, every single day, for years, wouldn’t you be concerned about its quality and the purity of its ingredients? People take great care to choose organic foods and drink clean water, but until now, they have opted for breath fresheners that are anything but organic.

Those days of having to choose between chemically-derived breath gum or breath drops made from conventionally-grown essential oils are over. Herb Pharm’s Breath Tonic™ has arrived, the first herbal breath freshener on the retail market made with all certified organically grown herbs. For those of us that prefer all our herbs and herbal medicines to be organic, this is great news!

Why A Broad-Spectrum Breath Freshening Extract?

Broad-spectrum extracts are important for breath freshening for the same reasons full-spectrum extracts are important for the successful support of daily health: they capture all of the individual, medicinal compounds of plants in order to deliver optimal benefits.

Most herbal breath fresheners are made mostly, if not entirely, of only the essential oils of aromatic plants. Essential oils are very valuable and beneficial, but they represent only one aspect of a plant’s medicinal benefits. They do not include the flavones, tannins, mucilage, gums, antioxidants and more. All of these compounds have significant therapeutic actions on the mouth and gum tissues. When you add up all of these various compounds contributed by the Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint and Clove as found in Peppermint and Spearmint Breath Tonic™, the result is a broad spectrum of healthy herbs.

Spray vs. Drop?

Many breath fresheners are not only pure essential oils, but also only come in a squeeze bottle where the user puts a drop of the product directly on the tongue. This not only causes a burning sensation but also does not deliver the product to the entire mouth.

With the Breath Tonic™ single-dose, pump-spray, delivery system you point the spray where you want it. For best breath-freshening results, spray the product towards the back of the tongue, then work up some saliva, mix it up in your mouth, and swish it all over your gums.

Oral Health Program

For a natural and effective, daily oral health program, use Herb Pharm’s Oral Health Tonic™ as a mouthwash with water two to four times per day, and Breath Tonic™ as needed or desired, several times per day. Many of us at Herb Pharm that have been using Breath Tonic™ for a while now have noticed happier gums while enjoying fresher breath!

Try Herb Pharm Peppermint Breath Tonic or Herb Pharm Spearmint Breath Tonic

Article Courtesy of Herb Pharm, found here


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