Raw Maca Cacao Energy Balls


Maca is protein dense and has a wonderful caramel, vanilla flavor. Combine with cacao (raw chocolate) make for a super easy and simple snack that is delicious and energizing!


    ½ cup raw almonds

    ½ cup raw walnuts

    Pinch of salt

    3 Tablespoons maca powder

    2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder + ¼ cup to dust

    ¼ cup shredded coconut

    1 teaspoon cinnamon

    ¾ cup pitted Medjool dates

    1 Tablespoon coconut oil

    1 Tablespoon water + more if necessary


Add almonds, walnuts and salt into food processor. Process until a very fine, sand-like consistency is achieved.

Add in 2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder and remaining ingredients. Process again, until mixture begins to thicken and stick together.

Check texture by pinching a bit between your fingers. It should be sticky and able to keep its shape. If mixture is too dry, add 1 Tablespoon more water.

Pour mixture into a mixing bowl. Shape mixture with your hands into golf ball sized balls.

Add ¼ cup raw cacao powder in a shallow bowl. Roll individual balls in powder to coat. Serve immediately. Leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Enjoy!

Yields 15-20 Balls

Recipe Courtesy of Down to Earth, found here


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