Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap


What are Soap Nuts?

Eco NutsSoap Nuts are a berry that grows in the Himalayas that naturally produces a soap.The soap is called saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away.

Eco Nuts are gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies and psoriasis. Because they are so mild, they are perfect for baby clothes and cloth diapers. All-Natural Eco Nuts are also great for septic and grey water systems. But don’t expect these shells to foam up like commercial soaps, which have artificial foaming agents. Foam simply does not represent cleaning power.

Eco Nuts are wild-harvested, meaning they are gathered from wild trees grown without any kind of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. The saponin actually tastes bad to insects so no pesticides are needed, and the trees naturally love poor uncultivated soil. They are organically grown by mother earth and certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth. Our soap nuts are both de-seeded and sterilized  – the only soap nuts on the market that are both.

It takes only four easy steps to naturally clean, odor-free laundry!

How to use Soap Nuts

  • Place 4-5 Eco Nuts in the reusable wash bag provided and tie it closed.
  • Put it in with your laundry and wash as normal, per manufacturer instructions.
  • Remove the bag at the end of the wash and set aside to dry or do another load.
  • Re-use up to 10 times* until they start to disintegrate and then they can be composted in your garden or simply add new Eco Nuts to the bag.

Do not overfill your laundry machine, the Eco Nuts work more efficiently with more agitation and room to work. There is no need to add fabric softener; your laundry will come out soft and fluffy without it. Make sure you store Eco Nuts in a cool, dry place.

Eco Nutscan be used in both standard and high-efficiency machines (HE). Eco Nuts work in all washing machines with any temperature water.

Eco Nuts Laundry Products

Thats as simple as it gets! If you are washing clothes or items that are a little more soiled than usual, try these advanced methods:

Very Heavy Soils:

Pre soak 4-5 Eco Nuts in the sack in hot water for a few minutes and add the “tea” with the sack and put fewer clothes in the machine to provide the most agitation.

Brighter Whites:

Separate whites by themselves and add some bleach according to bleach instructions (we recommend eco-friendly oxygen bleach, but any will work). A cup of lemon juice will also work naturally.

Hand Wash:

Soak 2 Eco Nuts in bag provided in hot water and add the “tea” to your cool water basin.


Like regular laundry detergent, Eco Nuts  do not remove very greasy stains. Pre-treat grease stains with a stain remover prior to washing.

Wet Suit Wash:

We highly recommend our Liquid detergent for use with wetsuits and other outdoors equipment. However, the nuts will still work in a pinch.

Put 5 Eco Nuts in wash bag and toss in a glass of warm water and let soak for 5 minutes. Add the water and the bag to your wash tub or bucket and agitate the suit. Rinsing is optional but recommended to remove sand. Dry normally by hanging. Alternately, you can place the bag in a bucket of water and leave it in the sun before you go surfing. the “tea” should be ready for washing when you get back.

Try Eco Nuts Soap Nuts or Eco Nuts Liquid Detergent

Check Out Eco Nuts Comparison Chart to see how Eco Nuts natural detergent stacks up to other name brand detergents.

Article Courtesy of Eco Nuts, found here


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