Ridiculous Opportunity

Direct Selling News Global 100

Super exciting news to share with everyone…

Rodan + Fields, a 6 year old company created by the Stanford trained doctors who created Proactiv, was just announced to be 64th in the WORLD in revenue at the Direct Selling News Global 100 event last night! You’ll be surprised to learn…

This list is made up of companies that have been around for 30, 40, 50, 100+ years, with consultant operating GLOBALLY. Rodan+Fields has consultants operating ONLY in the US….until we start our global expansion this summer (Canada, here we come!).

It’s a bright future and a RIDICULOUS investment opportunity! You can keep watching us climb this list or you can get on a call with my friend and business partner to learn more about us. Learn how you can leverage this billion dollar brand in the making to your advantage! What do you have to lose?

I have a great CASH offer for anyone who joins our growing team TODAY. Would you be willing to get on a call?

Email me at info@powerfoodz.com

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